Makeup storage

As you can see, this is not the next T-shirt yarn project. Since I need a large amount of white T-shirts for that, I have to wait for the next flea market before I can continue. Meanwhile, I kept myself busy with a find of my last flea market. This beautiful old drawer has once belonged to a Singer sewing machine and now contains my makeup (for the photo I only used a couple of products as an example). What I would like to show you is how I made the little partitions. Even if you do not like the idea of a makeup drawer, this idea is also great for your pens or craft utensils.

 Tools and materials


Triangle ruler, sharp knife, pencil, cardboard, paint and putty


A drawer



Muster 2

These dimensions are off course specific to my drawer, depending on how your drawer looks, you have to change the length and width of your templates.

Step 1


First I cut the two large and the six small separator sides out of cardboard.

Step 2


In the hope that the edges of the separator sides don´t look so much like cardboard afterwards, I’ve filled them with putty.

Step 3

bemalte Schablonen

At last I painted the partitions white and after drying put all parts together. In retrospect cardboard was maybe not the best choice but for now it is okay and I’ve finally got a bit of order in my cosmetic chaos.

Makeup storage

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