Makeover for a lamp

Before I pimped this lamp, I had just recently discovered that you can glue fabric to almost anything with the right adhesive, and that also varnish holds on almost any surface. Accordingly, my lamp had no chance.

The original lampshade was orange and was at some point burned by a light bulb and had charred places. The lamp base was painted black and I did never like it. After I had once again gone through my usual fabric selection (stack all materials on the floor and then despair over the choice), I decided to take old linen with small sand-colored apples. First I cut out a big piece of the fabric and ironed this about four times. Next, I glued the fabric on the old lamp shade and smoothed the fabric very carefully. Now I simply chopped everything with sharp scissors that hung over the lampshade. The lamp base I painted alternatingly with light ivory and gold.

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