Made with love

Yesterday was craft market day for me and for the first time I stood on the other side of the tables at the design market “Mit Liebe gemacht” (made with love) in Hamburg. I found the day very wonderful and of course I was also on the lookout for new designers and artists that I find inspiring and whose work I would like to show you.


Moebelverrueckt (mad for furniture) is both the name of the label and of the blog of the upcycling artist Karolin Leyendecker. Karolin restores antique furniture and small home decor items with paper and paint, teaches her art style at school and at upcycling seminars. What I find particularly fascinating about Karolin’s stamp collages is how she works with individual topics. I do not even want to know how long it takes until you have enough stamps of queens in profile in order to cover a bowl with them. This attention to detail I like very much!


Patrizia Achenbach is the woman behind the label ETHNOÉ which already suggests what inspires the talented Patrizia as a jewelry designer. As materials she uses bronze, brass and silverware, precious stones and pearls, bright fabrics, sari silk, antique kilim and leather. A designer who upcycles old flokati to an ethno-bracelet is an artist to my taste and the mustard-colored wool bracelet was my favorite piece of the whole market.


There are certain color combinations that will always make me weak and so of course I noticed these white/gray pillows immediately. The studied designer Claudia Vogt is a real screen-printing master and conducts workshops on this craft for curious creative people in Hamburg. You can find more information about the workshops on ClaVo´swebsite.


Memory is not only for children but also for the elderly the perfect game to train the memory. Everyone who doesn´t have the desire to constantly search for the same butterflies or flowers can find a selection of beautiful and individual memory games at the Dawanda-shop of papierundfarbe (paper and color).

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