Made with love II

On November 7th I went to my favorite craft show in Hamburg: Mit Liebe gemacht (made with love) and it was great! I met many new designers, chatted with a lot of the visitors and even remembered to buy Christmas presents and because I love to share my discoveries with you, I also made some photos and like always I chose a few designers that I want to introduce to you.

1. Don´t call me chicken



“Don`t call me chicken” is all about feathers. Whether in natural or dyed colorful, here you can find all sorts of feathers and all are lovingly used for small unique creations: hair ornaments, earrings or bookmarks. I can still remember how happy I was as a child, when I found a beautiful feather and I had the same felling, when I saw the feathers of “Don´t call me chicken”. Each feather is set in scene like the little work of art that a feather really is and once again it shows that nature simply has the best designs.

2. Smuck



SMUCK is the label of the lovely graphic designer Karin Postert. “SMUCK” – is the Low German expression for beautiful and that´s definitely what Karins designs are. Although I myself have a very different style, I also like graphics with clean lines and Karin’s little monster/alien figures, such as “Buddy” (first picture) are just too sweet.I also love that Smucks collection is constantly expanding and changing. This is exciting for fans and shows that there are still lots of great ideas in Karins head left.

3. mina garcia



Unfortunately I did not have much time to talk with Mina Garcia but as you know, I have a weakness for old cassettes and that´s of course why I stopped dead in my tracks in front of Minas craft booth. One can never have enough pillows and aren´t the small Russian nesting doll pillows just too cute for a nursery? With these you can get a cuddle pillow and a doll at the same time. Just in case you are still searching for a Christmas gift for your little ones, you can find Minas shop HERE.




ANNARORO is the creation of Anna-Maria Resei, a textile designer and artist who creates quite fabulous bags. Sadly there wasn’t much lighting in Anna-Marias craft booth corner so my pictures didn´t turn out well. It´s best you visit ANNAROROS website to get a better idea of her designs. By the way, Anna-Marie also designed the two great advertising posters for her bags herself. I can´t decide which is better, the advertised object or the advertising medium. I call that the perfect problem.

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