Love for PJ`s

There are certain things that you can never have enough. What shoes are for most women (I do not like shoes, with the exception of slippers – which I love) are PJ`s for me. I do not know why, but with every fabric I get my hands on, I consider first whether it would be suitable for pajama pants. These trousers, also known as Smurf pants (in Germany) or comfort clothes (also in Germany) are easy to sew even for beginners.

You only need to take a pattern from existing and beloved pajama pants, by either cutting it apart at the seams and taking the segments as a template or folding your pants sideways and inside out and draw the outlines along the seams on tissue paper or wrapping paper. Either way: Don`t forget the seam allowance!



Then you have to sew the two front parts together at the crotch – right sides facing (the right side when sewing is the motive side or the outside), do the same to the two back parts and next sew the whole front together with the whole back – right sides facing. At last hem your pant legs, for the waist band sew a casing and pull an elastic through it and done. As an economical recycler I used old bed linen from a second-hand store for my pajamas.

In case you now have a “What the hell?”- Moment, I also have a great Tutorial for you HERE (English), that explains much better how to sew PJ`s and has the upside that it actually makes sense.


The second model I sewed again for a friend and for my own collection I have the next fabric waiting in line.

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