Like a proud mom

I have the incredible luck to have many creative people both in my family and in my close circle of friends who inspire me daily and support me. After I have often shown you works from other DIY bloggers, it’s time to show you some art and creative projects made by the people who make up the world for me.

Since I will need more time to organize photos of certain artworks of some of my loved ones, someday a second part to this post will follow. Even though I cannot give you links and instructions to these projects, I hope, nevertheless, that you like them.

This painting is a copy of Franz Marc’s “Horse and Eagle” and was painted by my grandfather. My grandfather was a great admirer of Franz Marc and has made a couple of copies of some of his paintings. I know I’m biased, but I like his paintings much more than the originals!


As you may have noticed, I have quite a lot of whatnots and I also like to show them in my photographs because I find them so beautiful. All these whatnots were made by one of my cousins who sometimes sells these at craft shows. If my apartment were not already so packed, I would order ten more. I find her taste in porcelain just perfect.


You might already know my friend who has made this necklace. Under the name “Platine” she designs beautiful jewelry from scrap, computer parts and skateboards. To my own delight Platine likes in return, what I make and so sometimes we just trade our crafts. That is how I came into possession of this necklace, which is my absolute favorite piece of jewelry.


This sweet little tea light was made by another friend of mine. Tirelessly she crochets the cutest things, like this tea light-cover or little monster key chains. Of course, this master of crochet hooks is therefore also part of the “Designing instead of discarding” crew I am also a part of.


This small bag was sewn by my sister. Above all she is a very good painter, but since I do not have photos of her paintings just yet, I will show you some of her other projects. As you can see, she sews a 1000 times better than me and I’m terribly jealous that her applications always look so flawless.


My sister also sometimes designs templates like this sea gull for a small clothing store where they print them for you on clothes you can choose. At this point I would like to note again that something has gone terribly wrong with my genes that my sister can draw so awesome and I can´t even manage a circle without a template!

This bag makeover was also made by my sister. A transformation that I find quite impressive!


And now it’s time that I introduce Schneckchen (small snail) to you. That Schneckchen is my greatest supporter here is no coincidence. She is my oldest friend. Since elementary school, she is my ally in all that is creative and while I’ve completely stopped to draw and paint after school, she got better and better. Since she has a ton of great paintings and drawings I could show you, I selected only a few of my favorites of here works, just like the “B Sucher”. I guess I just have a weakness for puns. In German “B Sucher” means something like “seeker of the B”. He needs it to complete the word “Apfelbaum” which means “apple tree” but “B Sucher” also sounds like “Besucher” in German which means “visitor”.


This work is indeed grim but it is also very intense and as a Tim Burton fan, I probably don´t have to explain why I chose it.


In this study of an old ear Schneckchen just drew the wrinkled skin so wonderfully!


In addition to art Schneckchens greatest love is music and she illustrates sometimes songs that have a special meaning for her or that inspire her like the German song “Zirkus” by Meret Becker that she has turned into a little folding picture book.



I thank all my loved ones that they have allowed me to show their art and crafts!

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