LEKSVIK dresser

LEKSVIK dresser

Like so many other people in Germany I grew up with IKEA. As a teenager I got my IVAR shelving and as a student I bought some pieces of LEKSVIK furniture. The darker wood looked very classy to me and I immediately felt much adult and cultured. Over the years I’ve gotten even more adult, to my regret, totally without the help of more IKEA furniture and now I’m tired of dark wood and black brass fittings. But since money doesn´t grow on trees* I didn´t buy a new dresser but instead went for paint and a leather belt (Okay, out loud that sounds somewhat profligate but rest assured that this post remains a G-rated version of DIY).

* Actually, it kind of does because money is printed paper and paper is made of wood, but let´s forget this right now so as not to destroy my platitude.



(I forgot to take a before photo of my dresser so I used a random photo of a LEKSVIK drawer from the Internet. If you are the owner of this photo and want me to take it down, you only need to send me a message and I delete the photo)

Step 1


Since I had no choice, I first sanded off my drawer. As always, first with a coarse grit and later with a finer one. I freely admit that I have cursed continuously during the whole process since I do not particularly like this part of working with wood but since I have a made a terrible noise no one heard me and I’ve been wearing a breathing protection so I also didn´t perish because of the saw dust.

ohne schrauben

Of course I have removed the handles before grinding the wood.

Step 2


Since I wanted new handles, I leveled out the holes of the old handles with wood paste, …

Step 3


… sanded the wood again and drilled holes for the new handles.

Step 4


Now the leather belt comes into play. For my new pulls I cut an old buckskin belt into equal strips and drilled small holes at both ends of every strip.

Step 5


Since I wanted the drawer to vary slightly from my white wooden floor, I diluted the white acrylic paint in a 50/50 ratio with water. I now applied the paint to the wood with a scrubbing brush and then wiped a part of the paint off again in order to keep the coat of paint thin. Of course, the dresser is still very white but unlike a coat of paint with undiluted paint, you can here still see the wood grain and the pine wood still shines through.

Step 6


Finally, I’ve only had to install the leather handles with screws (and nuts) and clean afterwards my flat for two days to get rid of the wood dust from the grinding.


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