Lace and doilies

In the last six months it was impossible to go ten meters down a street without seeing a piece of clothing that was half made out of lace or crochet. Because I am only for a few months now brave enough to sew my own clothes, I sewed my lace- and doily-creations at a time when the whole trend was quite overwhelming, but I wanted to realize my ideas anyway…

I sewed my first top from scratch with a sewing pattern from the german magazine Burda easy FS 2014. As a collar I cut a doily in the middle and just sewed it on. The fabric of the top is a cotton jersey.

Top no. 2 I didn´t make from scratch. Everything below the lace part was previously a cream-colored jersey with holes and an unfavorable cuff at waist level. This part I cut of and sewed it new with a black jersey.


For the last shirt from my lace- and doily- collection I used a free sewing pattern that I found HERE (in English). The top is made out of black jersey and at the shoulders I inserted some lace with stretch.



Now I own three new tops that I only rarely wear – just what every woman needs in her wardrobe…. as a sewing beginner I’m still proud and perhaps in a few years I like to wear them more often.

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