Inverted constellation on cork

Inverted constellation on cork

It is very rare that I leave the secure world of templates and printables to try myself in a semi-artistic way. However, last week I decided to channel my inner artist and painted this little picture on cork. It is not great art but I am still a little proud. My idea was to paint a night sky with constellations but with inverted colors. Instead of a midnight sky and white stars, I chose a white sky with dark blue stars. The first feedback I´ve got was off course that I should have used the colors properly and the other way around.


First I drew a circle on cork with help of a cake plate…


… which I then cut out. Next, I painted the circle white and drew a second smaller circle with help of plate.


I painted the outer ring dark blue and then I got down to the constellations. I think it took me about seven hours until the starry sky was finished because I painted all the tiny little dots and lines with a toothpick. Below you can see a comparison of my constellation and the image that I used for reference. The cork painting hangs now in my living room and continues to confuse my visitors.


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  1. inessa_

    27 October

    your website is so cute and just I cant I love all these DIYS oh my! All I cant tell you is you are very creative and talented and very beautiful. Is there any subscribing to the website button cause if there is I would love to subscribe

    • Ronja Lotte

      4 November

      Awwwwwe, you are too sweet! You can follow me at Facebook, twitter, Tumblr and so on…just look out for the buttons on top of this website 🙂