Illustrations with embroidery

Illustrations with embroidery

When I was in elementary school my family moved from the city to a small village and I found myself suddenly in a new school with needlework as a subject. The other kids in my class could knit and crochet and I could tilt juice over my needlework and make some quite elaborate knots with yarn, which unfortunately were all completely unintentional.

A year later, I changed to the next school, which had a shop class and decades have passed in which I always slightly winced when I saw a cross-stitch somewhere. So no one is more surprised than I* am that I have now tried myself on embroidery. In fact, embroidery is just like painting with yarn and if you do not want to, you don´t even have to use a cross-stich! Who knew?

* With the exception of my mother, who was scolded for a year at each parent-teacher conference by my needlework teacher for always buying me new crochet hooks if I had lost mine again.



First, you need an embroidery hoop. The size of the hoop depends on what method you want to use to print on the fabric.


I have cut my fabric to a Din-4-size and ironed it on this paper. This way I could print on the fabric with my inkjet printer like with normal paper. Afterwards, you just have to remove the wax paper from the fabric.


Next, you need a motive. This step did cost me a week. That’s what happens when you look for illustrations on Pinterest! These trees are made by the designer Eloise Renouf, which creates absolutly wonderful prints and fabrics.


You can find the free template for this camera HERE

Step 1


Since two of my hoops were larger than DIN-4 I have cut a bigger extra layer of fabric on which I glued my DIN-4 print. Days later a friend of mine asked me why I didn´t make a DIN-3 print at a copy shop. Well, good Question!

Step 2


Now you only need to clamp the fabric in the hoop…

Step 3


… and then you can begin to embroider. When you’re done, you leave the fabric inside the hoop and just cut off the edge. Here is my little finished gallery.



Who can read what I have written/embroidered on the labels?


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  1. Claire

    18 March

    I love these what a great idea ! Pinning for later. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Ranee lava

    19 August

    Tiverton beautiful ideas.