Hunters & Gatherers III

As announced, I went to the small craft market „Jäger & Sammler” in Hamburg’s beautiful south last week. Even if the market wasn´t very busy, there were still two factors that always convince me…

First, I just love the location! The “Stellwerk” is directly located in Harburg’s historic railway station and while one can look through the windows on the platforms, you can hear the trains rattle. For me, old railway stations are just wildly romantic and I could spend hours hanging around there with my camera. Second, the “Jäger & Sammler” -market simply has a warm and welcoming living room-atmosphere with swing music, fresh flowers and homemade pies. That’s my idea of a lazy Sunday.

As always I have also made some photos and selected a few crafters, I want you to meet.

1) La Piccolezza


As someone who is downright color shy, I admire people who use strong colors and I think the idea to use fabrics with pin-ups or pop art for potholders, is just awesome.


Gabriela is the woman behind La Piccolezza and you can find her creations here at Dawanda.


How cute are these little birthday candles? Very!

2) Lindsign


Although I know vinyl bags for some time, I’ve never seen some so well-crafted and less than five minutes after I took the photo one was already sold. If you would like to see more of Lindsign, visit

3) Wandnotiz


As you may know, I’m actually not a fan of printed inspirations but when they look as cool as these one from “Wandnotiz”, then I can change my mind!

bild klein

If you want to bring a bit of Hamburg-flair to your apartment, check out


4) Fabelhafte Werkstatt


The Label “Fabelhafte Werkstatt” belongs to the Designer Yvonne and because I myself once fought for two days to sew a purse like this, I just had to pay tribute to her with a photo of her great work. My purse is an ugly duckling against these beauties!


The “Fabelafte Werkstatt” can be found at DaWanda: or on Facebook:

5) Skønne


Give me something related to Scandinavia and I’m happy. Combine this with a nice bag and I’m ecstatic. My absolute favorite design-creation of the whole market was this bag of Skønne. I am officially in love!


Skønnes beautiful bags can be bought via

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