Hunters and gatherers II

Hunters and gatherers II

The new year is here and every fiber of my being is set to the theme of a new beginning. But since I started my winter break in December completely dishonorable and shameful without letting anyone know and finishing my posts of the old year, I still have a little report from the Christmas time, which I would like to show you.

As announced, I went to the second Hamburger craft market “hunters and gatherers” and found some new crafters I want you to meet.

1. Komodig


Regular readers of my blog will know, why I noticed Komodig immediately. Yes, the handmade artist also works with T-shirt yarn! However, she can knit, which I unfortunately cannot and so I am only left with admiring her skill. For knitting professionals who feel inspired now, I have HERE a tutorial on how to make the t-shirt yarn but with the rest I cannot help you, unfortunately.


If you want to know more about Komodig, you can find her website HERE.

2. my beloved cousin


Ok, I admit it! I fibbed a bit in my introduction. One of the three designers that I want to show you, you might already know from one of my old posts. My dear cousin, who manufactures these whatnots also sold at the craft market and of course I took the opportunity and made new pictures of her work.


Everyone who would like to contact the artist can do so by e-mail:

3. Stempelfräulein


Stempelfräulein (miss stamp) is an enchantress, when it comes to paper, cardboard and design. With great attention to detail she makes the sweetest things: boxes for cookies, birthday cards, gift bags, etc.


Also, the Stempelfräulein (miss stamp) can be found on the Internet and admirers of her creations can find her website HERE.


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