How to paint perfect edges

How to paint perfect edges

It is time that I update you about my working life. Right now I am in the process of renovating my first atelier. While painting I have tried a painter´s insiders trick for the first time and I was blown away. I always find it amazing how some areas continue to develop rapidly, such as computer technology, while for decades there is no change in other areas, such as in the masking tape research. Dear masking tape researcher, please invent a product that really works reliably on woodchip wallpaper. Pretty please! Yes, I know the latest masking tape models and they are a bit better than the 80 versions but just like a little pregnant is completely and totally pregnant, a bit of color under the masking tape still means repainting the edge.

Back to my trick with which one can get absolutely perfect edges and strips. Since I was 16 years old I always painted my walls only white and that is why I got me some help from Kolorat. At the risk of sounding like a 50s ad writer, I can´t emphasize enough how much I always enjoy working with Kolorat. Although I did not even know which colors I wanted, I definitely knew that I needed them NOW. Monja of Kolorat stood patiently by my side at all times while I made my first clumsy steps into the complicated world of color palettes and right the second I made my color choice´s, the colors were already mixed and mailed. Apart from the good service factor and the sympathetic appearance of Kolorat, the products themselves are incidentally also great. Especially the white color had a very good consistency. My lovely assistant and I first covered obediently everything with tarps before painting but the paint didn´t drop at all. Afterwards there was not a single spot of color on the tarp! But enough raving for now and back to work.


My great painters trick works for any kind of edge or stripe, anytime when two colors that meet each other on a wall need to have a perfect finish.

1) For my wall stripes I first painted the whole wall white because this is my first stripe color.


2) Next, I taped the stripes for the mint-color (12 centimeters wide).


3) Attention, here comes the trick: Before I now started with the second color, I painted the inner edges of the taped strips again very thickly with white. That way everywhere where color could run under the masking tape it run down with white and sealed all the imperfections of the tape. When the white paint was dry, I painted the stripes completely with green. It´s best to remove the masking tape when the paint is not yet completely dry and as a result you have now wonderfully clean edges!


I’m  quite enthusiastic anyway but I am completely in love with this wall! Sometimes I just sit on the sofa and stare longingly at the wall stripes. I would say my re-entry into the world of wall colors was a complete success.

(I thank Kolorat for the great cooperation)

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