How to drill metal

How to drill metal

I must say, metal is a very agreeable material. Since I don´t have a workshop, I think twice about unpacking my power tools for wood. After five minutes of fun, I might be finished with the woodworking but cleaning up the wood dust will cost me a lot more time. Although working with glass isn´t that dirty, afterwards I have an almost invisible layer of glass particles over my kitchen table which are not to be underestimated. And what about metal? No complaints! No evil wood dust and no bloodstains. Long live the uncomplicated metal! And now, after this lavish praise, I’ll show you how to drill perfect holes into metal.


In order to get you excited about drilling holes in metal, I am going to explain the procedure while showing you also how to make a bracelet out of sugar tongs.

Step 1


First I bent the sugar tongs straight.

Step 2


Since I didn´t need the end pieces of the sugar tongs, I just sawed them off. If you like to brush up on your knowledge about sawing metal, just read this tutorial HERE.

Step 3


Next, you will need a small hole on either end of the sugar tongs for the leather strap. For this you will have to pick up a hammer and you will need a center punch. Set the top of the center punch where you want the hole to be and pound it. The result is a small indentation that will help later to anchor the drill a bit and prevent it from slipping.


Step 4


Now let’s get this party started! 1) First you have to fasten your drill in a drill stand. The drillbit must be able to drill steel and be very small (2mm). 2) In order for the clamped sugar tongs not to be pushed down by the drill, you should put some wood under the metal. I like to use a yardstick for this because this way I can adjust the size of the wood individually and don´t have to store several pieces of wood with different widths. 3) Next, you clamp the sugar tongs and position the punched spot directly below the drill bit. 4) Power up the drill, lower the lever and drill the hole. Repeat this also with the other end of the sugar tongs.




If you’ve drilled your holes, you can use normal sandpaper to smoothen the drill holes.

Step 5


Now the bracelet is almost finished. Bend the two ends of the sugar tongs around so they fit your arm…

Step 6


…and thread a leather strap through the two holes.


I have already finished three bracelets and recently I find myself walking through my apartment, contemplating all things made of metal, wondering if they won´t be improved with a few holes.

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