Homemade baker´s twine

Homemade baker´s twine

For two days my fingers have hurt and my wrist wasn´t happy too but I do not regret anything! Again, I have unpacked my T-shirt yarn and went to work. This time I did not braid anything, but twisted and made this beautiful baker´s twine. I am very happy with the result and want to try out a lot more colors in the future. And because shared happiness is much more fun, of course I am also going to tell you how I made my baker´s twine.


All you need for materials and tools are fabric scissors and old t-shirts. With baker´s twine one color is always white and the other one you can choose as you please. I have tested different colors and found each combination great. First you have to make your T-Shirt yarn. How this is done, you can read HERE in one of my previous posts.

Next, cut your yarn to a length you can easily work with (the yarn can later be lengthened), make a knot at one end and begin alternately to twirl the two fabric strips. First, I wanted to make a photo-tutorial for you but with this technique a video is simply much better suited and this wonderful video tutorial HERE shows how to make twine from fabric scraps and the blogger uses exactly the same method. Of course you can also use fabric without stretch but I have found that yarn with jersey looks slicker because the edges curl in and the yarn is non-fraying.

What you do with the baker´s twine is only left to your imagination. I’ll probably use mine for gift wrapping. I cannot wait.

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