Home decor with NOGALLERY

I love to browse through design and craft shops and for a few months now I always stop fascinated before a new type of home decor: wooden decorations that have been cut with a laser. The precision that can be achieved with a laser is just unbelievable and I’d love to get my fingers on one. Unfortunately, the price of a good laser has five-figures (Yep, you read right!) and is waaay out of my budget. I wanted to show you anyway how this wood art looks like and the store NOGALLERY gave me kindly two objects for this purpose. I opted for a cat (surprise) and an anchor (Hamburg forever!).


The small manufacturer NOGALLERY is specialized in words as wall art and you can even order your own words that are customized for you. The motifs are laser-cut from MDF or real wood – MDF stands for “medium density fiberboard” (I had to look that one up) and the designs are available in many different colors. Since I try to train myself in using color, I quite boldly ordered the cat in turquoise and placed it first on my white drawer in the living room…


… and I first placed the anchor (totally not bold in a nature tone) over my homemade belt shelf on the wall.


Since my real cats had way too much fun with pushing the Origami cat of the drawer, I then rather put the cat in my bedroom in my new hanging shelf, safe from paws.

* Update * Well played, cat! I would not have believed, that you can jump so high.


I also relocated my anchor, as it did not feel right above the books on the shelf. Now it has a premium spot directly in the visual center of the whole wall above the drawer and under the shelf.

(I also want to have a laser! * Sigh *)


While photographing I noticed a small detail in my new home decor. Apparently a tiny little heart is burned into each of NOGALLERYs objects . That made me really smile. Sweet idea, dear NOGALLERY team 🙂

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  1. H.Paul

    8 February

    It was the pictures that first attracted me here! I shall be checking out NOGALLERY as I really don’t like wallpaper so opted for block paint, and now I’m looking for something to make my walls look less plain