Hat for a damsel

So, the next addition to the dress-up box of my former work-kids is done. Although I still have a few more ideas up my sleeve, I’m ready for another project that doesn`t involve glitter and tulle (even if it was really fun). After superhero masks and Captain Americas shield, superhero capes, crowns and a mustache, this time I made pointed damsel hats, which many of us know from their own childhood and which are perfect for any princess, witch, fairy godmother or damsel…

I am aware that I have gone all out: Sky blue and pink, silver and gold, glitter and lace and finally lots of tulle. I believe that everyone is familiar with the basic principle of how to make these pointed hats. It is important that you take thin cardboard and not thick cardboard. I glued the fabric directly onto the cardboard with all-purpose glue … and then I had to think for a moment. Since my stapler is broken (may he rest in peace), I could not connect the long sides of the pointed hats the usual way and a brief experiment with two-component adhesive did not work. So I had to resort to a more complex solution: At both two long sides of the hat I punched holes in the hat (with punch pliers)-always at the same height. Next I pulled ribbon through the holes and laced the hat like a corsage.


Finally, I attached a golden elastic band to the bottom of the hats for fastening under the chin. Even if (s)he that praises him(her)self spatters him(her)self…I think the pointed hats are pretty sweet!

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