Handmade Kultur Winter 2015 – Feature

Handmade Kultur Winter 2015 – Feature

For me, it remains the ultimate honor to see my name printed on paper*. I know that sounds a bit absurd, since as a blogger myself I don´t use paper but what can I say: I’m just old school. Libraries are magical for me, if you light your cigarette with a candle a sailor will die, old wardrobes lead to Narnia and all authors want to be printed. This reminds me of an interview I read on A Beautiful Mess. One of the two girls was at the bank and wanted to negotiate some kind of deal and only when she indicated that she is also an “author” next to “blogger”**, the bank man was willing to negotiate with her.

So I thank the magazine “Handmade Kultur” for the new feature in the current issue – Someday I will go to my bank and put my foot down. I am going to show them all the issues of “Handmade Kultur” that featured me and then I want them to increase my line of credit!

* Well, not next to the horrible word “bill”

** What are 5 million page views per month among friends?

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