Handmade Kultur Feature X 2

Have you ever watched a cat when hunting? With huge eyes and a blank stare she presses herself flat against the floor, then she stretches her little butt in the air and shakes it excitedly. This is how I looked yesterday when I’ve found the new edition of “Handmade Kultur” (German DIY magazine) in my mailbox.

To my regret I was not alone in the stairwell and was observed by a disturbed neighbor as I tore up the film of the magazine with my teeth. I may have even growled a little. You probably have already guessed the reason for my feline behavior. As a blog star of “Handmade Kultur” I was allowed to create a whole new DIY project for the latest edition, my blog gets featured over a whole page and finally some of my handmade jewelry also found a place in the magazine in the section “Little Things”. I am beside myself with joy and if I did not know that it would sound totally crazy, I would tell you that since yesterday I am carrying around my precious the magazine with me in the apartment and gently stroke it from time to time, Thankfully, I know when to keep my mouth shut!

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