Hänsel & Gretel meets Alice in Wonderland: a ...

Hänsel & Gretel meets Alice in Wonderland: a gingerbread house

I love gingerbread houses! Assembling the house itself is agony but decorating it brings me endless joy. But as soon as the house stands, it gets very problematic for me. The thought that someone now wants to eat my baby, brings out my inner ax murderer. As a solution, I built a Schlauraffen Land garden for my house from which children can take their sweets and the house itself can be left alone.

Like every year the house collapsed after my first attempt to glue it together and a small tantrum and a few tears later, a master of structural engineering came to my rescue and assembled the components again. Thank you, Dad! Unfortunately I could not keep the house because of my cats. After I hid the house for one day in the oven (very Hansel & Gretel) and only occasionally opened the oven door to admire it, I made up my mind and said Goodbye to my house. A dear friend of mine offers a craft group for kids in our local refugee camp and today she will give the gingerbread house to the Kindergarten group at the camp (with refill candy) on my behalf. I am so excited to hear if the little ones liked my house!


Tips for your gingerbread house – Beginner style:

– Coconut flakes make a wonderful snow for the roof of your house. Just paint it lightly with icing and dip the roof into the coconut.

– Use only edible glue like icing. This can be made easily and cheaply from powdered sugar and very little water.

– For the floor panels in the garden I used brown cake and if you halve the brown cake carefully with a sharp knife, you can use it as a fence.

– Don´t glue anything heavier than small sugar balls to the walls of the house. Gravity will otherwise be your enemy.

– If you don´t have a frosting pen for the decorating part, you can fill a small syringe with homemade frosting and use this like a pen.

– The house looks very cute when you put some small LED lights with battery inside to illuminate it.


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