Grain sack style

The country style is and will remain one of my absolute favorites. A common design element with this style are home textiles from grain sacks or at least with this look. But since I do not want to spend too much money for vintage grain sacks, I have decided to paint some myself. At the flea market I snatched up new white linen cushion for 50 cents the piece and with a little trick the stripes were painted onto the fabric in no time. What trick? Just keep on reading…

Materials and tools:


Fabric, triangular ruler, fabric colors, tailor’s chalk, scissors, a brush or sponge to dab and masking tape (you can get this at any hardware store or one dollar store).

Step 1


First I marked the center of my pillow and from there on I taped my strips on the fabric on both sides at the same intervals and with the same widths. For the thin strips I just cut the masking tape narrower (1/4 of the original width).

Step 2


Next, I have painted the fabric paint with a sponge and a brush onto the fabric and immediately afterwards removed the strips again, so that the color on the masking tape didn´t dry. Depending on the fabric paint it now eventually has to dry a day and/or it has to be fixed on the left side by ironing. I was surprised at how clean the edges turned out when painting with masking tape and I will never again use another method to paint stripes. My little Inspiration will definitely save me a lot of work in the future!


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