Graffiti artists – the next generation

Graffiti artists – the next generation

Last Friday at “our” children’s festival, the children were allowed to let out their inner graffiti artists. Instead of graffiti spray paint, the children could use chalk spray. This is the same stuff that is used at soccer games to spray the field lines (that´s what somebody told me). The advantage is that the color is rinsed off with water and outdoors the next rain washes it away.

I’ve looked around on the Internet and you can buy chalk spray at many online shops, however, there was one that looked particularly promising: (German shop). I have not ordered there myself and I can only go by their website, but the shop emphasizes that their chalk spray is completely organically degradable and at their partner shop they sell individual templates by order.

I must say I was quite impressed by the spray action and can also imagine that very well for a birthday party, both for children and adults. If I can potentially make myself dirty, I’m in! As a surface for the color we used Styrofoam plates but in principle almost anything goes: cardboard, wood, stone and lawn (though one must keep in mind that the color washes away differently and you could get in trouble when spraying at public places). Even if it is only chalk, a few safety rules should be observed: Please wear aprons, so your clothes don´t suffer unnecessarily, our children also got masks so they didn´t inhale the chalk and have in mind in which direction the wind blows before you start to spray your art.

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