GO Bloomers, GO!

Since I find the history and development of the Bloomers really interesting, you must unfortunately endure a short history lesson on this subject, until I show you the free pattern for the bloomers*.

Like the bikini the Bloomers** caused an outcry in society at its first public appearance. The American feminist Amelia Bloomer introduced these pants (first called “Turkish trousers”)in 1851, as a part of a reform of women’s clothing and got nothing but scorn and derision. Wide acceptance obtained these pants at first only as female sportswear. It was not until the 50s that these pants got wildly popular, now drastically shortened, both in casual wear and sleepwear. Today you can find bloomers in many retro design collections but at the usual big fashion chains you will search for them in vain. Admittedly, I also did not search for them but when I came upon on THIS free and wonderful sewing pattern with tutorial by chance, I had to sew some for myself. Like all my sewing recommendations are these bloomers suitable for beginners, otherwise I would not have succeeded with sewing them. As a fabric I used an old linen, which unfortunately is now all gone because I also upholstered two of my lamps with this fabric.  I think the bloomers earn a major revival and therefore I call to the universe: GO Bloomers, GO ***!

* A wonderful side effect of blogging is that I can live now and my slightly dictatorial character here.

** The original long version, not the one in the photo.

*** I can be pretty loud. I guess, with the windows open, the whole street could theoretically hear me. This way I could reach at least over a hundred people. If these people now would repeat my call … I come to the end of my willingness to further calculate this idea … but in the end I would reach many, many people. Oh! New thought: I could start a telephone tree like “the three investigators” but there is a certain potential, that subsequently my family would gently transport me to next psychiatric hospital… better not take that chance.

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