Globetrotter cabinet

A long, long time ago, when I wrote my posts still daily and I only photographed a little, I’ve shown you the makeover of my sewing cabinet. Six months later, I finally made also the outside of my beloved cabinet new. Unfortunately, my taste has changed quite a bit since then and I am already planning to redo the inside again. I hope this is not going to be a vicious circle in which I renovate one side every few months alternately.



step 1


First I’ve printed out historical maps of Scandinavia and Hamburg from the Internet.

step 2


Since the original paint of the cabinet was very thick, I decided to spare me a lot of work for once and didn´t completely sand off the paint but only lightly sanded the wood before I painted it new. As you can see I (surprisingly*) decided to go with white paint.

* Caution: irony

 step 3


Next, I arranged the maps into a collage and cut them to uniform rectangles. Then I cut the maps in the middle into two halves.

 step 4


Although I was prepared to try out a whole range of adhesives, my first attempt to glue the maps to the doors actually worked with wallpaper paste.

 step 5


Finally, I did spray the doors with a matte clear coat to preserve the paper and attached the handles again. Ta-da!


globetrotter cabinet 1

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