Gift bauble

Today is a first for me. I have been invited to participate in a creative competition and herewith I want to show you my contribution. The German TV lottery has launched a call to come up with an idea to creatively giftwrap a lottery ticket and because I myself was already thinking about how I want to giftwrap my gift cards or cash gifts this year, I came up with something that fits all three type of gifts.

Step 1


First, you need a transparent bauble consisting of two plastic shells that you can push together to form a bauble. At Christmas time, you can purchase these at any craft store (at least in Germany).


Since I have a slightly ambivalent relationship to bright colors, I have first sprayed my baubles with white spray paint.

Step 2


Next, I decorated my baubles, depending on the style of the recipient. On one I glued rhinestones and fake half pearls, because the recipient has somewhere in her genetic mix a little bit of magpie and loves everything as long as it glitters and for the other bauble I went with some classic white/red ribbon.


Step 3


Now you only have to put your lottery ticket inside the bauble and gently press both sides together. The lottery ticket will fold itself when you close the bauble.

gift card

Of course you can do the same also with a gift card or cash.

Step 4

open me1

In order that the presentee knows that there’s a gift in the bauble, I have attached a small mysterious message and finally decorated the baubles with ribbon and fir. The possibilities for decorating are almost endless and each small bauble can be individually designed: glitter, ribbons, painting, stickers, stones … your creativity has no limits!


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