Gallows lamp

Do you remember loving a new toy as a kid so much that you had to take it to bed with you? That might be acceptable as a kid but as an adult toys are no longer enough for me.

In or next to my bed, I usually hoard the following items at any given moment: laptop, cell phone, water bottle, coffee mug, tea mug, one or two books, puzzle book, pencil and paper, handkerchiefs, flowers, bedside lamp, alarm clock, two lip balms (if one goes empty) Tic Tacs, candleholder, lighter, food and snacks in any form, one or two cats, landline phone, China oil, my current craft project with tools and materials, camera*, hot water bottle and some other small things … to say that I have a space problem is just a small understatement , and so I came up with the idea to build me a gallows lamp and hang it next to the bed. The bedside lamp is now off the table and I even consider parting with one of my lip balms but for this decision I still need a bit more time.

* My cats like to climb to the top of my four-poster bed and then they regularly fall down again. I was woken up more than once from a cat crashing down on my head. Till now, I have not given up the hope of shooting one of these glorious crashes with my camera.



You need transparent glue, scissors, yarn, a big craft stapler…

… a small lamp shade, a bulb holder with cable…


… and an EKBY bracket from the big swedish furniture house.


1. Cut off a long thread of yarn. How long the thread has to be depends on the size of your lampshade and how closely you want to wrap the yarn. Its best you do a test wrapping and try out what length you need.


2. Glue one end of the yarn to the back of the lampshade.

3. Wrap the yarn around the lampshade as the whim takes you. You don´t have to glue the yarn!

4. Glue the end of your yarn to the back of the lampshade.

5. Staple the lamp cable to the inside of the bracket. Screw a light bulb in the lamp socket and attach your lampshade to the lamp.

PS .: It has been pointed out to me by an electrician that the cable should not be stapled but that’s no problem. You can just bind the cable with transparent yarn to the bracket.

DIY lamp klein-klein

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