From a tray to a shelf

For several weeks now the street flea market in my neighborhood is back in full swing. Apparently I’m not the only one who has welcomed the new year with renovating and redecorating and I almost every day I can see new items on our sidewalk that have been put there by neighbors because they don´t want them any longer. Once again I got lucky and found a small wooden tray (or whatever it actually was). Fortunately, I had been for the lookout for something like this and so I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it.



step 1


First I sawed the small tablet into two halves…

step 2


…and then I sawed off the right side of the two parts.

step 3


Next, I sanded the wood and glued the two halves at the sites without rim together.

step 4


For the new paint job I chose the color “Sand”. I imagined the color differently but afterwards I was quite happy. However, I maintain that I find the color name very strange.

step 5


As always, I have made it easy for me when it came to the mounting. Because the side walls of the shelf are too thin for screws, I attached the hardware with very strong glue on the wood. Then I just had to attach the shelf to the wall.


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  1. Natalia

    19 July

    How much did this cost you to make?

    • Ronja Lotte

      20 July

      Actually nothing. I found the tray on the sidewalk and I had the paint and all the tools I used already at home 🙂