Fragments for the fridge

Fragments for the fridge

Unfortunately I had to give up my favorite dish. After it was already glued, the crack was now discolored and could not any longer be cleaned properly. Since I nevertheless did not like to throw it away, I decided to give the porcelain a second life on my fridge.

Material and tools

material and tools (2)

Old magnets, a plastic bag, a sharp knife, old china, a hammer and glue.

Step 1



First, I put the bowl in the plastic bag and smashed it from the outside with a hammer to smithers.

Step 2


If you have a knife that is sharp enough, you can cut flat magnets and that’s what I did next.

Step 3


Finally I now glued the small magnets on the back of the fragments and my new fridge décor was done.

diy fridge magnets

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