Floating bookshelves

Floating bookshelves

About a year ago I started to revise my furniture and began to realize some DIY ideas that I have noticed on the internet, since then my apartment is constantly changing. I find one of these DIY ideas particularly beautiful: the floating bookshelves.

Admittedly, these shelves have no high functional value, since one can only accommodate a few books but functionality is not everything. The trick with these shelves is that you hide an angel bracket in the lowest book which is completely invisible once you stack more books on this “shelf book”. You can find a German tutorial for this DIY HERE (even if you are English speaking, the pictures are self-explanatory).

The only step in this tutorial, that made me swear like a sailor is when you have to screw some screws in the book pages to fix the angle. Finally, I got it and imperfections disappear anyway when your shelf is piled up with books.

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