Floating book wall

6 weeks, 63 second-hand books, 126 angel brackets, 138 dowels, 504 screws and 2 tubes of glue – if I would have calculated these numbers in advance, I would have never started this project. Luckily I was too lazy for math and later too stubborn to give up. I do not know if I would recommend building a floating book wall to other people but I’ll definitely tell you how I did it. I find the end result beautiful but this project is definitely nothing for one afternoon.


A long time ago I built two small floating bookshelves which I have shown you HERE. In this post I also told you where to find the tutorial for theses. For my book wall, I now built row upon row of this floating shelves side by side. More specifically, each row consists of seven floating books on which are between three and eight books stacked. I started at the bottom with the hardcover books and stacked them in a small number because they are so heavy.


Here I have removed two stacks of books for you, so you get a better idea of the construction.
One thing is clear in any case, I can now never move again. A lot of time has to pass before I will even consider dismantling this book wall again.


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  2. Gisela

    15 March

    Super job !!! Sieht toll aus 🙂

    • Ronja Lotte

      15 March

      Vielen Dank! Hält auch immer noch und ist mir bis jetzt noch nicht zusammengekracht 😉