Flashdance Sweater

I have decided that it is once again time to expand my wardrobe and because I have far too little sweaters, I made one myself. The idea was to sew a cozy winter sweater but when I stumbled upon a specific pattern on the Internet, a voice in my head started to sing „What a feeling”.

Despite of hearing Irene Cara`s song for hours in my head and a tomcat who tore apart my sewing pattern, I have completed my own Flashdance sweater and I’m super happy with the result. I used a raglan pattern with batwing sleeves and sew a boat neck that would make every aerobic trainer from the ’80s proud. While I cannot dance, nor weld, I can now let my sweater slide casually over my shoulder – That’s enough for me. Today I bought some new cozy winter sweaters in a store. I was afraid of what would inspire me next when I continue to search for new sewing patterns. I doubt that 80th-Madonna’s black hair bow would suit me.


I’ve found the free sewing pattern HERE. In size M it is ready for printing but for another size it is recommended to redraw the pattern. That was way too much work for me, so I enlarged the XL- pattern with Photoshop to the actual size of the sweater and divided the pattern in DIN 4 large sections. Then I printed all these sections and taped them together.


Since I rather go to the dentist than to let me be photographed, I talked a friend into modeling the sweater for me. Because she is much slimmer, the sweater is actually too big for her but she took up the challenge and rocked the shooting! Thanks again to my dearest model. You defied the cold and rarely rolled your eyes when I shouted that you should look more natural. Girl, forget your studies! You have talent and I can make you a star*!

*but only if you continue to accept chocolate muffins as your payment. There isn´t more in the budget … Okay, you can also have a doughnut!



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