Felt coaster for vases

After my last DIY post was so long, today I have a quick and small tutorial for you how to craft a five-minute felt coaster for vases.

Coasters out of felt balls are nothing new and as beautiful as they are, I was never tried to make some for myself. To be honest, I’m not the tidiest person around and I’m already happy when my tea or coffee mug is clean. Then to put the mug on a coaster for the protection of a table is simply overkill. Well, last week I went shopping, which means craft materials and not clothes for me, and these two packs with must-yellow and dark blue felt balls lay directly next to each other. That´s one of my favorite color combinations and before I knew it, I was heading to the checkout. At home I played around with the felt for a bit and then I had the idea that felt coasters could actually be a very cool addition to glass vases. What do you think? Top or flop?

felt coaster for vases1

How to make the felt coaster: You need a hot glue gun and 19 big felt balls, eight yellow and eleven blue. Start at one end and glue the felt balls together, row by row and that´s it!

felt coaster for vases2



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