Fabric scraps easter basket

Fabric scraps easter basket

I do not celebrate many holidays but Easter is a must for me. Together with my friends and their partners plus children we have breakfast in a big group together and then we play with the kids and laze about for the rest of the day. Of course I am also going to have Easter baskets for the kids, but this year I did not want to buy them but make them myself.

* More specifically, we laze alternately because someone has to take care of the sugar-doped gang. A job that I love because on the one hand as an honorary aunt I can bribe the kids with sweets but on the other hand when they start to turn into Mr. Hyde and the first fights break out and the tears come, then I can easily pass them over to their parents.



You need some colorful fabric scraps that are large enough that they can be cut into strips…


…and strong parcel string.

Step 1


First, you must cut your fabric into strips. The length of the strips depends on the pattern that you want to create and the width of the strip depends on the thickness of your parcel string. You have to able to wrap the strips around the string.

Step 2


Now you can start to wrap the strips of fabric around the parcel string and sew them but don´t cut the parcel string just yet. It is best to use the whole role and test in between if your finished fabric string is already long enough.

Step 3


In total I have sewn about eight meters/315 inch of fabric string.

Step 4


Now you can start to glue your basket together. Here I simply rolled the bottom of the basket like a snail and glued it with fabric glue…

Step 5


… And then rolled the brim and glued it, too. It is important that you glue the fabric string slightly offset for the basket to get a round shape.


The great thing about this basket is that it can also be used after Easter, for example for odds and ends and so it is two gifts in one.

If you are looking for more fabric scraps projects, I have recently compiled HERE a selection of some of my favorite ideas.


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