Engraving glass

I work a lot with glass and love it, as you might have noticed. As fun as it is to cut bottles, sometimes the glass just looks a bit plain and in this case I like to engrave the glass. To show you that this is actually a lot easier than you might think, I’ve put together this tutorial for you. Enjoy reading and trying out!

Materials and tools:


Template, Multi-function tool with a small engraving tip, safety glasses, black permanent marker…


… and either a glass tea light holder or a bottle for cutting.

Step 1


Since I did not have a glass tea light holder, I cut a bottle for this. If you like to try that too, I have HERE a tutorial for you on how I cut my glass.

Step 2


It is best to use a self-adhesive template. If you don´t have one, you can buy special glue which makes each template within a few minutes self-adhesive.

Step 3


After I fixed my template, I painted over the motive with the permanent marker…


… and removed the template.

Step 4


Next, I have engraved the glass. With the tool this is actually simple: Put on the safety glasses, take a deep breath, hold your breath and engrave with the tip over the color. Hereby I use the tip like a pencil and try to hold my arm otherwise as still as possible (hence the held breath). The finer the tip, the finer you can engrave.

Step 5


Finally, you only need to wash the glass (remains of the permanent markers can be easily removed with nail polish remover) and you can admire your work. A disadvantage is of course that one needs an extra tool, but a multi-function tool is so practical and versatile that it is definitely worth the purchase and Christmas is indeed at the door. With this tool you can change the tip and so can use the machine for nearly anything. For crafters this little gem is actually essential!

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