Easy Easter eggs with temporary tattoos

Easy Easter eggs with temporary tattoos

Arrgh! Once again, I managed not to follow one of the most important rules of blogging: always stick to the blog calendar. In theory this means that you always adapt and publish your posts according to the calendar. Crafting ideas for Easter should therefore be published several weeks before Easter, so that You the readers have time to implement them. In practice the German Easter holiday starts tomorrow and once again I am a day late and a dollar short. My only redemption is that these Easter eggs are very easy to make and you do not need to print the temporary tattoos yourself, like I did but can buy them last minute. Still, I’m going to wear sackcloth and ashes now and put myself in the corner.

Material Ostereier

Materials: I used wooden eggs, but you can of course also use real eggs. Depending on the color of the eggs, you may need white varnish and of course a few temporary tattoos. I have printed these tattoos myself on tattoo paper – find out more about this method HERE.

Grafiken Ostereier

I have downloaded the free graphics for my eggs HERE and HERE.

white eggs

For the colors of the tattoos to really pop, I have painted my Easter eggs white.

temporäre Tattoos für Ostereier

In order not to waste any tattoo paper, I have printed a whole sheet of graphics and this way I have also got a few small Easter gifts 😉 Now you only need to cut out the tattoos…

Easy Easter eggs with temporary tattoos

… and glue them to the painted eggs, following the instructions of the tattoo paper. I wish you all happy Easter and that you have better weather than us poor people in Hamburg!

easter eggs with temporary tattoos by Nur noch

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