Dress to bag

After I showed you HERE how to sew a drawstring bag from a mini skirt, I was asked by a friend if I can do the same with one of her dresses. Unfortunately, the dress was too wide for a drawstring bag but it was perfect for a shoulder bag and I that´s what I made for my friend.



A dress and some fabric for the strap. I used brown cord with the measurements 125 cm X 12 cm.



1. Cut off the upper part the dress.


2. Turn the dress to the right sight and sew the bottom closed.

3. Either fold the upper hem to the inside and sew it or also sew in an inside bag if the fabric of the dress is very thin. That´s what I did.


4. Fold the fabric of the strap like bias tape and sew the sides together.

5. Sew the strap on both sides of your bag to the side seams.


Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: German


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