Dress for less

All you need for this dress or a similar one is an old tank top, lovely bedlinen and a leather or fabric strip as a belt…. Oh, and a tutorial. Anyone who has ever read a sewing instruction by me knows that this is not a pretty sight. I try to write one now and then but “understandable” is something else! Therefore, there is once again a link to a third-party instruction and I rather practice my writing style a bit more: tutorial.

For my dress I changed some things: Instead of creating a ruffle for the upper part of the skirt, I sewed in an elastic waist, but this needs to sit very loosely, so it does not constrict you. As a belt I used a leather lace which I can close with a snap at the back and as you can see, I prefer dresses with a maxi-length.

I think this idea is great because you can reuse tops, that have shrunk in the laundry or tops you simply no longer want to wear, because you don´t feel comfortable anymore with the length. For the skirt part you can use wonderful second-hand materials, such as old sheets, bedlinens, curtains or even use old skirts. And on top, the sewing part itself is very simple and suitable for beginners. And now go and start to browse your closet for old tops!

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