DIY detergent cup

I am a little shy today. Normally, I never get stage fright when I show you a new project but that’s different today. Since I needed a detergent cup, I just made one myself and the reaction of my friends was rather … subdued. To be precise, I only got astonished looks until now and a puzzled “why? “

Why not? I wanted a detergent cup and I did not want to use a plastic cup* … In the hope to find a kindred spirit among you, I created a small tutorial for you. Well, to be honest, I’ve created a tutorial, because that´s what I do. My mind has become accustomed to divide (almost) everything I do in illustrated Paragraph’s with some short sentences of explanation**.

* These days I try to remove as much plastic as possible out of my life.

** Thank God, I still can control my writing and don`t flood you with tutorials à la “the best tips for using a vacuum cleaner” or “Cooking for Beginners: buttered bread”.



1. First you need to cut off the top third off a (old) bottle. You can read HERE how to do that.

2. Next, you gradually fill the standard amount of detergent that you usually use to do your laundry in the glass and mark the amount with a pen on the glass. I did this first with my normal washing powder, then I marked the dosage for a sink full of hand washing and last I marked the dosage for washing wool in the washing machine.

3. Now that you know, with how much detergent you are going to fill the cup at maximum in the future, you can cut even more glass of the bottle to make the detergent cup smaller.

4. Finally, I used glass paint to label the three different dosages (N = normal washing, W = Wool washing, H = hand washing) and painted many small dots on the glass to make the cup prettier.

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