DIY Coffee bar

Since my blog break wasn´t planned, I still have some half-finished projects and blogposts, which I finally like to show you. Among other things, I will also show you more of my studio, which, despite my ostrich imitation, I have rearranged three times over the last half year. Nothing says dissatisfaction with your life like cursing alone at night while pushing 100 kilo cabinets through the room.

I love everything associated with coffee and I have spent many happy moments in front of mobile coffee stations. So almost the first thing I´ve built for my studio was a coffee bar (okay, a coffee/tea bar), which was ridiculously easy to build and which still satisfies me to no end.

As you may have guessed, you do not need much material for the coffee bar: two pallets, a wooden board, a bit of paint, and you can get started. First, I roughly sanded the pallets to reduce the general splinter danger and then I placed them sideways to one wall. My wooden board had by chance already the correct length and was already coated so that I only had to sand it roughly again before I painted it white. You should always sand wood before painting, this way the paint lasts longer. After the varnish was dried, I simply laid the board across the pallets. The board itself is so heavy that I did not have to fix it to the pallets. Sometimes gravity is quite useful (says no woman ever).

To add a bit of color, I painted a couple of the front boards and that was it.

The upper board is from IKEA, by the way. However, I screwed some hooks into the bottom of the board for my cups.

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  3. Allen Michael

    2 February

    Definitely love this! I love how you complemented the color of the coffee bar with your wall. Very creative yet simplistic and rustic. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Gail K. Dolly

    3 May

    I am so happy I discovered you and your blog! Your command of English is superior to that of a great number of Americans, and your wry humor is a delight. I hope you continue blogging for a long, long time … even though I am the ripe old age of 75.

    My dear paternal grandmother was born in Germany in 1994! She was named Paula Maria Theresa Hoffman … I know you know she must have been descended from royalty (ha ha ha). She was a dear lady and her English was almost as good as yours. Carry on keeping your followers happy. Thank you for your time and effort.