Cutting wine corks

Cutting wine corks

When working with recycling-materials, you often have to play around, until something works and often many different methods result in the desired outcome. Since I needed cut corks for a project, I made it a test and tried two approaches to easily cut corks.

By itself are the two methods not very different but there are people at the internet who emphatically prefer one method over the other. With method 1 you have to steam the corks for about ten minutes under a lid. With method 2 the corks are directly boiled in the water for about ten minutes.

kochen weinkorken

Afterwards I detected on my corks absolutely no difference, whether steamed or boiled. Honestly, everything else would have been a great surprise for me.


What actually makes a big difference, is the cork itself. If you cut cork, you can see that some corks are processed differently – some have the same structure as compressed wood – and these can be cut much easier. Otherwise, it is simply best to use the sharpest knife that you can find, then the corks can be cut quite smoothly.


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