Cutting bottles

In several of my projects I use cut bottles, but I never further explained how these are exactly to be cut. This post means to close this gap and with many colorful pictures, I am going to show you how to cut bottles smoothly. And by the way, I do not use the widely spread method, to light an oil impregnated thread bound around a bottle (I almost singed my eyebrows this way and only transformed a lot of waste glass in even smaller waste glass). Instead, I bought a bottle cutter for € 29.25 and I haven’t regretted this acquisition for one second.



We need: Protective gloves, Dremel (multifunctional tool), safety goggles, candle, lighter and a bottle cutter. By the way, I bought mine HERE (I’m just advertising for free).


As many pretty bottles as you can collect, buy, steal or get by begging.

Step 1

First you lay the bottle inside the bottle cutter in a way that the cutting tip is applied directly to the bottle. Now, you must rotate the bottle with light pressure until the cutting tip has once scratched a line into the glass around the whole bottle. You should arrive at the same point as you have started. This step is the most important and decides whether it is worthwhile to carry on or whether it is better to start the process with another bottle from the beginning.

Step 2


The methods for heating and cooling vary and by trial and error you will find out what works the easiest for you. For the heating part I always use a candle and for the cooling down either very little cold water or I let the bottle cool by air in between. Caused by the temperature differences, our crack will extended until you suddenly hold two bottle parts in your hands (This moment startles me absolutely every time!) While the crack widens to a break, the bottle makes very funny noises. That is mend to happen! We want this to happen!

Because I was so focused on taking pictures, of course I did not pay attention at this point and my bottle got too hot before I cooled it. As a result, my break was not smooth and I therefore had to use another bottles for the next pictures (crafting is definitely easier without a camera in one hand).


Step 3

Now it’s time for the safety goggles and the protective gloves! TOOL TIME! If you don´t have a multifunctional Dremel, you can put both again aside and just use sandpaper. As nice and smooth your breakline now looks, you are going to cut yourself to a 100% one day. That is why you should grind the glass. I do this by using a grinding tip and holding the bottle in an oblique angle.


fertig geschnitten


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  1. Alfonso

    25 February

    Hi! Ich suche eine Lösung um den Boden einer kleinen Flasche abzuschneiden. Ich dachte, diese Maschine zu kaufen und die Flasche andersrum zu benutzen. Was haltest Du davon?
    Danke für den Artikel. Ich freue mich über deine Antwort!

    • Ronja Lotte

      25 February

      Sorry, geht leider nicht mit dieser Maschine. ich weiß genau, was du meinst und bin selber auf der Suche nach einer Lösung. Falls du eine findest, gib MIR Bescheid 😉 Was vielleicht gehen könnte, wäre wenn man einen Glasschneider wie diesen ( in einen Schraubstock klemmt und dann ganz langsam und mit SEHR ruhiger Hand die Flasche über den Glasschneider dreht. Danach kommt dann wieder das Spiel von Hitze und Kälte, um den Riss zu vertiefen… Vielleicht…Ich hab das aber noch nicht ausprobiert. Viel Glück!