Craft market display

Admittedly is my post today pretty special. The least of you probably sell regularly stuff at markets, be it craft, flea or farmer’s markets. For this small and beloved group I wrote a tutorial on how I built my craft display out of pallet boards.

Material and tools


(Electrical) saw, yardstick, triangle ruler, noise protraction, clamp, chalk or pencil…


…(Cordless) screwdriver, twelve screws…


… and four wooden boards in the desired length with the same width. I used, as always, pallet boards.

Step 1


If you don´t already use sawed boards, you must now first saw your boards.


Step 2


Now you have to mark periodically where you want to put your screws and then drill the holes. The holes must be as wide as your screws.

Step 3


Next, I screwed my four boards together. At this point it helps if one has an extra pair of hands available which hold the boards.

Step 4


Finally you must now grind your wood. Depending on your taste the craft display can be painted, varnished, stamped on, covered with fabric or decorated with glitter. Thus the display matches the style of my market stall, I only colored the wood darker. Anything else would not have fitted. Every first time-reader can find HERE a tutorial for my favorite method of darkening wood. The rest is already in on it.

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