Cork mosaic

I hereby confess that I am a list-junkie! I love to organize my work and my thoughts with small lists and every time I write down a new entry on one of my lists, I feel very sorted and a bit more freely. Most of my lists rather fly around in my flat but for my blog lists I wanted to create a special home.

tools and materials


A sharp knife, paint, two pins and good adhesive (eg epoxy resin)


Many wine corks – I used 33

Step 1


HERE you can read my tips on how to best cut wine corks. I cut every wine cork in six slices.

Step 2


Instead of painting my cork slices with a brush, I dipped them with the help of two pins directly into the paint. This uses up more paint but my paint is old and needs to be used anyway. Everyone who wants to save paint, can of course also use a brush. Since I did not know before if I would use my blue cork slices, I only photographed my white ones.

Step 3


Finally, you just have to arrange your wine corks in a beautiful pattern and glue them together. You do not need an extra suspension because you can use the gaps between the slices for nails. The possibilities for shapes, colors and patterns make my head spin and I’m sure that this is not my last cork mosaic!

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