Cookie candles

Cookie candles

Yesterday I officially panicked because next week is Christmas Eve and I am still missing some gifts. From now on anyone who tells me that he/she already has all her/his gifts together (and on top of that already wrapped) I am going to push, yell at or I’ll burst into tears. If you feel the same and you still need a gift idea, I might have something for you.


These small cookie candles are easily made. The first thing you need is baking paper on which you put your cookie cutters. For the wick I cut off the lower part of a Christmas tree candle (I cut it the same height as the cookie cutter) and put it in the middle of the cookie cutter. Next, I melted old candle remains and filled the rest of the cookie cutter with hot wax. You can find my detailed tutorial for pouring candles HERE. It is important that the candle wax is not too hot, otherwise the cutter will leak. As soon as the wax is liquid you have to pour it.


Admittedly, these candles are more for decoration because they lose their shape when they melt but I still think they are cute.


As packaging I used THIS free template to make little cottages for the cookie candles. As materials I used photo paper with 165g and totally normal glue.

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