Compliment for a stranger

Compliment for a stranger

About a year ago I accidentally stumbled upon a photo on the internet that really excited me. The anonymous photographer showed a snapshot of a card, he / she got from a stranger after he / she had helped a pregnant woman with her shopping bags. The whole card was just one sentence with a nice compliment and the signature “a passing stranger”. Unfortunately I could not find the origin of this card but the idea of an anonymous compliment that is handed out without any self-interest remained in my head.

I reckoned that this idea is too great to just die with this one photo and so I have designed my own travelling compliments and in order that as many people as possible can join me, I attached my cards in print quality for free download. I’ve already ordered 100 cards at a print shop and I cannot wait to spread them! If you like to take part, you can easily just print a few cards on thicker paper on your home printer and I would be overjoyed if you leave me a small comment, in case you printed some. Are you ready to spread some compliments?

Reisendes Kompliment Vorderseite
Deutsch vorne/German front

Reisendes Kompliment Rückseite
Deutsch hinten/German back

Kompli englisch vorne
Englisch vorne/English front

Kompli hinten englisch
Englisch hinten/English back

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