Coaster wall art

Okay, I admit it! This project is not really a DIY but more a wall art idea. Fortunately, I have no colleagues who can complain and so I took the liberty to cheat in the title, because it looks more aesthetically pleasing this way. Sometimes it has its advantages to write as a blogger and not as a journalist*.

* Who wants to have a steady income? Money for food and rent is totally overrated *cough *.


And now let´s talk about the little idea that I wanted to show you. Almost every member of my family is downright addicted to traveling. This included my late grandmother, who traveled in the 50s to Rhodes where she bought these (tile) coasters. Yesterday I got them as a memento from my aunt and as delighted I was, I also knew immediately that I would never use them as coasters. Even if someone would cover a whole table with coasters for me, I would unerringly (and absentmindedly) put my glass on the only spot without protection. However, since these treasures are too beautiful for a drawer, I bought some Power strips and glued my favorite coasters as decoration on the wall. What do think? Does it look good or is it too cheesy?

coasters detail

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