Christmas tree ornament

Christmas tree ornament

Distributed throughout the year, there are only two occasions, for which I decorate my apartment: the beginning of summer and Christmas. Easter, Fall, Halloween and Co. have no place in my apartment but when the Christmas season approaches I run amok and my inner serenity and equanimity take a leave for a few months. In January I’m back to normal but until then there will be plenty of Christmas decoration. Hooray!

Materials and tools


A branch, a saw with guide…


…white paint, a small brush, scissors, a pen, a pencil, yarn or thin rope…


…a power drill…


…and a printed little snowflake (see Goggle Images).

Step 1


First I sawed the branch into thin slices. How thin the slices should be is a matter of taste.

Step 2


With the power drill I then drilled tiny holes in the wood.

Step 3


At last I transferred the template to the wood with THIS method, painted my snowflakes (super easy) with a brush and tied small loops with yarn.

Originally I wanted the ornaments for my Christmas tree but maybe I use them as gift tags. Fortunately I still have some time left to decide.

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