chalkboard alarm clock

Today I have made an inventory of blogposts I am currently working on and came across the images for this tutorial. After some hesitant counting, I realized to my shock that these images are eight months old and that I originally started this blogpost last June. Like Ebenezer Scrooge, I now face an old spirit, so to speak the “the ghost of blogpost past”, which wants to be written and published. Although I am quite tempted not to finish this post in order to transform after my death into the blogger version of Marley’s ghost. Instead of money boxes and wallets, I’d wear photo cameras, notebooks and a manual for Photoshop as chains, and I could follow all my blogger colleagues, haunt their craft rooms and studios and send them horrendous visions of deleted blogs and destroyed hard drives every time they don´t behave like good bloggers and don´t follow their own publishing schedules. Muahahaha …Or I could just finish this blog post, pass the test and remain Galadriel Ronja Lotte (and stop mixing up stories).


Material: an old retro alarm clock with glass pane (not plastic), a brush, chalkboard paint, tape and chalk (ideally chalk markers).


First, you tape off the rim of the alarm clock and then you only need to paint the glass pane with chalkboard paint in two or three layers. Off course you have to let the paint dry between these layers. Now remove the masking tape and write on your new chalkboard alarm clock. It´s best to use chalk markers which look and work just like felt pens, except that liquid chalk emerges from the pen tip. If you use normal chalk you have to be careful that you do not scratch too hard on the chalkboard, otherwise you risk scraping off the paint again.










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