Cat for president

His name is Shepard Fairey and almost every person in the world knows his most important work of art – however, few people know the artist behind it. Made in one day, Fairey sold posters of his art at the beginning to people on the street. One year later a version of his art already hung at the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution. Everyone who knows what picture I’m talking about: Congratulation! You have won as many washing machines as you can carry (I’m proud of you). For everyone else here is the solution:


Long since this poster has become iconic and off course there are countless parodies of this image in a similar style. This is my favorite version:


A few years ago, when I started to teach myself Photoshop using instructions at the Internet, I found this image and couldn`t stop laughing! Off course I have the free Photoshop-tutorial for this style HERE (only in German). Although I made my version a little easier, i hope you can still see the reference and this all I wanted to accomplish. The photo model is my cat… the one with the annoying tendency to incontinence.


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