Car trash can

Since I started sewing about 90% of my birthday gifts are homemade. Of course, these gifts are still personalized for the recipient and if someone admires my fabric collection and bursts out in joy about a particular fabric, then he/she should know better! Although I want to make the birthday child happy, I also have a selfish motive in doing this…

Like a squirrel I have everywhere in my apartment (we’re talking about a modern big city-squirrel) secret stashes with my fabrics and then there is my big visible shelf with my grandma´s former fabric collection. That is why I can only get new fabric if I have made some space. Sometimes I see the amused glances of my visitors when they see my shelf and then I smile shyly with them. When I see the shocked glances I rather go and make tea.

I made this car trash can for my mother. The loop is placed loosely around the gear shift and the bag is placed in the passenger footwell on the side. I found the free pattern for this HERE and as fabric I’ve used a reversible pillowcase that I rescued from the “Fundgrube” at IKEA (selfless as I am). “Fundgrube” is the German term for IKEAS area which holds all the stuff that is cheaper because it is slightly damaged or off season.

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